The quality of the advertising rubber mouse pad is good or bad

by:Tigerwings     2021-09-21
Rubber mouse pads are usually divided into: natural rubber and reclaimed rubber. We need to use these aspects to identify. First, hold it in your hand and pinch the feel. The natural rubber mouse pad feels soft and comfortable, while the reclaimed rubber is harder. , It feels like holding it in your hand and not sticking to your hand. Secondly, you need to smell it with your nose. There are two kinds of mouse pads. The natural rubber smells like rubber material. The reclaimed rubber smells more pungent. It smells unpleasant. Finally, take a look at the side of the mouse pad. In order to save materials, the density of rubber is very thin. It is not good to find advertisements for mouse pads. , Design, production, as an integrated manufacturer, our main products are: various game pad series, office mouse pad series, advertising gift mouse pad series, yoga mat series, etc., and strive to be more computer digital peripheral customers, and The majority of gift customers, advertising companies, customers and other industries provide the highest quality products and services. The factories belong to: uv color printers, screen printers, special printers, edge loading machines, seaming machines. Imported Epson 13-color digital inkjet uses environmentally friendly materials. Non-toxic and odorless, customized mouse pads can be customized for various gift mouse pads, advertising mouse pads, gaming mouse pads, Internet cafes competitive game pads, to meet the needs of different customers at any time.
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