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Selection and maintenance methods of yoga mat

Selection and maintenance methods of yoga mat


Yoga mat can reduce the pain caused by the body due to the surface of the ground, preventing various damage, and effectively block the ground cold, playing the role of non-slip, is one of the resends of the yoga. 


Turn attention to the following points when choosing and maintaining yoga mat:

1. The uniformity of the yoga mat should be appropriate: tile the yoga mat, if the foam is uneven, it is easily damaged during use, and if the foaming projection is broken, it cannot be repaired.

2.Size, thickness, lightweight, lightweight: length should not be short and height, width can not be narrowed to shoulder width, thickness in 5 mm is suitable, and too thick yoga cushions will affect the stability of the standing, try not to choose too heavy Cush for easy carry.

3. Observe the elasticity of the yoga mat: pinch your yoga pad, if you feel that your fingers are easy to pinch together, prove that the yoga mat is too soft, such yoga pads are timely, the joints will also be painful when the joint is in contact with the ground. If yoga is too hard, it will not only make the skin unacceptable, but it is easy to break.

4. Slipping of the surface: Put the yoga mat, press the yoga pad with your palm, then push forward, if the yoga mat slides on the ground or sliding on the surface, it means that the non-slip skin of the yoga mat is not Very good, uncompromatic yoga mat, may cause unnecessary damage during the exercise process.

5. Maintenance method: After buying the yoga cushion, pay attention to maintenance, don't put it under the sun, apply wet cloth after each use, then naturally venting in the cool place.

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