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best tpe yoga mat factory Tigerwings

best tpe yoga mat factory Tigerwings


It can be hard to concentrate on your yoga practice if all you can think about is how much your knees hurt during your practice. That’s why we created the tigerwingspad Yoga Mat. Custom Yoga pad suitable for the market, become your choice. At custom thickness, you get support and grounding during your practice.

This high density but lightweight mat provides the perfect amount of cushioning to support your joints without getting that ‘sinking’ feeling. It’s especially ideal for slow-paced Kundalini or Restorative Yoga and for anyone with back pain or knee problems.

Clever Yoga products are created by yogis, for yogis. We test every product before we share it with the world to ensure it can handle the wear and tear that comes from vigorous daily practice.

The tigerwingspad Yoga Mat has double-sided non-slip surfaces for superior slip resistance. Each side has a raised texture to provide the grip needed so your mat stays put and you don’t slip and slide when the sweating starts!

Yoga Mat uses closed-cell technology to prevent sweat and dirt from penetrating so your mat stays dirt, sweat, and odor-free. To clean, just wipe down with mild soap and water.

This ultra-thick mat provides extra cushioning to reduce the impact on your joints. The high-density padding comfortably cushions the spine, hips, knees, and elbows while still providing exceptional grip and resilience and so you can keep your balance and hold a pose.

We never compromise on quality. Our high-performance products are designed to withstand the test of time to help improve and enhance your practice.

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