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Why do you practice yoga to use yoga mat?

Why do you practice yoga to use yoga mat?


Why do you practice yoga to use yoga mat?

Producing each product has its own use, the blanket is used to cover, paved, provided that you don't do some fierce moves, if you have climbing on the blanket, then, you will see your blanket. What does it look like, if you do your spine protection, you will not feel painful. If you use the climber, climbing is usually a piece of block. When you do the action, these climbs will be separated. You have to re-put together, this time you still practice your yoga?

The role of Tigerwings yoga mat is not only used, it also has a certain protection. When you are doing some knees, if the mat is too thin, the knee will have a strong and ground squeezing. Inspiration, for example, when we are doing a tiger type, only one hand and one leg are landed, others must lift the balance. If you have done this action, you will really understand your yoga pad to you. What did you bring? And you will have a higher demand for your yoga pad, the thickness is enough, the non-slip is strong, sweat is good, this is why many yoga enthusiasts are constantly looking for the reason for their yoga mat.

Yoga mat is not just a tool, it is also a protective tool for the body, let you avoid harm, better protect your spine, etc., and let you get a healthier body. Yoga spreads can be used as auxiliary tools, and the pad is on the yoga pad. One is to increase the length, and the second is to be used to take a rest while doing a break, prevent cold.

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How to clean your yoga mat correctly?

To ensure that hygiene is best cleaned once every other week. The simplest cleaning method is to put two drops of cleaning, four bowls of water, spray on the yoga mat, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. If the yoga mat is already dirty, you can also use the cloth to clean the powder to wipe the yoga pad, then use the water to clean up, then roll the yoga mat with a dry towel, suck the extra moisture. Finally, dry the yoga pad. It should be noted that the amount of washing powder is as small as possible because the washing powder remains in the yoga mat.

The key to the cleaning of the yoga mat is to protect the non-slip tissue on the yoga mat, because these non-slip organizations are the most important part of the yoga mat, which is an important weapon to avoid sports injuries when practicing yoga.

Usually simple cleaning, use the wet towel directly to clean, dried, or can use two cups of water to add 4 drops of washing into the sprayer, spray the yoga mat, then use dry cloth dry.

When the TPE mat does not need to be bundled with a hairy, or directly tile, do not fold, otherwise it will occurs, which will crack.

If the mat is very dirty, it can be cleaned with a medium cleaning solution, and it is not recommended to clean with laundry powder. Because it is difficult to wash off the disabilities, the yoga mat will slip. Wipe the mat with cloth to clean the water, then rush with water, and finally roll up the yoga mat with dry towels, suck the extra moisture and dry it. Also, don't let the sun direct PVC and TPE-made yoga mats will accelerate the aging of the material.

If the washing powder is cleaned, the detergent is less, because the residue will make the yoga mat slip. Wash the mat with a damp cloth and then rush.

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