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OEM board game table mat

OEM board game table mat


ANYWHERE: the special material used to manufacture the playing mat adapts to any table and fits it like a tablecloth.

SUPER GRIP: This rubber mat provides a grip on any solid surface.

WATERPROOF: You don’t have to worry about drinks and chips ruining your session because each mat is waterproof to ensure quick cleaning and zero absorption.

ANTI-CREASE: the material of the play mat by Pwork Wargames is anti-fold.

DAMPED: Roll the dices, collect tokens and cards, the cushioned surface of the mat will make everything less noisy, more comfortable and fun.  

DESIGN: Paint It Black is a playmat with a black surface that match perfectly with any kind of boardgame, RPG, card game and wargame. Experience the excitement of role playing on this fantastic tabletop neoprene gamemat.

WHERE AND WHEN YOU WANT: Take the playmat with you and play wherever you want. As it is cushioned, the dice bounce silently, and you can play in the middle of the night without bothering anyone!



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