The difference between the rough surface and the fine surface of the mouse pad

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-16

What are the precautions for customizing the mouse pad? Today, the mouse pad manufacturer will share with you the difference between the rough surface and the thin surface of the mouse pad. The resistance, accuracy, and range of use are all different.

Mouse pads can be customized in various styles of mouse pads. According to your needs, you can choose from the aspects of mouse pad material, pattern, design, shape, etc., including advertising mouse pads, gaming mouse pads, silicone mouse pads, and office mice. Pads, etc., welcome to consult.

What is the difference between the rough surface and the thin surface of the mouse pad?

First of all, the resistance is different: the mouse pad with a thin surface has less resistance and slides more smoothly, which is suitable for e-sports companies or as product gifts; the surface of a mouse pad with a rough surface has high resistance to movement and is more difficult to move

The second is the movement accuracy of the mouse pad: a mouse pad with a thin surface moves faster and has a more sensitive response, so the thinner the surface of the mouse pad, the higher the accuracy.

Finally, the scope of application is different: users who want to operate faster and more accurately can choose a fine-surface mouse pad, those who want more stability, pay more attention to control details, and those with a small sliding range can choose a rough-surface mouse pad

Of course, both kinds of mouse pads have their advantages. It is most important to choose the right mouse pad according to the needs.

As a mouse pad manufacturer, we can customize various mouse pads. We have 13 years of experience in customizing mouse pads and can design various types of mouse pads.

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