The difference between a good mouse pad and a bad mouse pad

by:Tigerwings     2022-03-18

Nowadays, every household basically has a computer, so the mouse pad is also essential for the best partner of the mouse! There are many manufacturers of mouse pads on the market that sell mouse pads. As for the quality of the mouse pad, of course, there are good and bad. The most popular mouse pad on the market is the rubber cloth mouse pad, and the rubber cloth mouse pad is mainly divided into: natural rubber mouse pad and reclaimed rubber mouse pad. How to distinguish these two mouse pads?

First of all, we distinguish from the material composition:

The source material of natural rubber mouse pad is pure natural rubber plus carbon black and carbon white powder. Cutting, sublimation, molding, and finally sent to the customer, because the final process needs to be sublimated at a high temperature of 220 degrees, which causes the smell of rubber to dissipate lightly. This kind of taste is a normal source material taste, the duration is short, the green environmental protection will not harm the human body, the natural rubber mouse pad is durable, and the service life is generally more than five years.

The reclaimed rubber mouse pad is mainly from the recycling of waste car tires, adding some plasticizers and activators, such as coal tar, pine tar , aromatic thiols, aromatic disulfides. It has a very pungent smell, but the smell is heavy and unpleasant does not mean that it releases toxic gases. The main problem in the mouse pad is the plasticizer, not formaldehyde and toluene, because long-term exposure to some plasticizers can cause cancer, and the service life is short, usually about three months.

Now let’s discuss how to choose a natural mouse pad ?

1. Look: white marks appear when folded with force, which means that recycled rubber is added. No white marks, it is pure natural rubber.

2. Smell: Natural rubber has a little odor, not big and not volatile. Generally, it can be smelled when it is attached to the nose, but when it is about 4-5cm away from the tip of the nose, it cannot be smelled.

Reclaimed rubber: volatile and irritating odor, due to changes in the process in recent years, many rubber factories have added deodorants, resulting in smell, no smell at all, this is more terrible than smell .

3. Pinch: The mouse pad with recycled rubber is obviously a little stiff, has poor elasticity, and is easy to break when stretched.

4. Tear: Tear the cloth and rubber parts, the reclaimed rubber mouse pad is easy to tear, and the natural rubber can only be torn with great strength;

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