The benefits of custom locking of advertising mouse pads

by:Tigerwings     2021-09-21
Advertising mouse pads are overlocked; the appropriate specifications can be customized according to user requirements. Usually, advertising overlocking mouse pads are mainly used for overlocking the four sides of the mouse pad with an overlocking machine, which has achieved the purpose of enhancing durability and beautifying. The stitches of the mouse pad overlocking (covered mouse pad) are expressed in a common overwrap (overlocking) style. In order to better perform and maintain the integrity of the picture, the stitching method is generally adopted before the printing, so that the stitches are also printed. To achieve the same color tone as the picture. Advertising mouse pad seaming can be used in many industries. It can reflect its quality in addition to the quality of the fabric, the quality of the base material, the quality of the rubber base material, the quality of the fabric color printing, and the more comprehensive look and feel. **Processing, pleasing moments will definitely be presented for you! The seam of the mouse pad (mouse pad edging) is evenly stitched, and the bottom material is natural latex elastic rubber. The texture of the bottom material is clear and natural, accompanied by a slight latex smell; because the raw materials are checked layer by layer, its quality is of course excellent; The mouse pad can be bent and folded at will and unfolded to be flat. The strong friction force of the rubber at the bottom fits firmly on the desktop, and the surface is made of a new extra-white densely woven fabric, which not only can express the color ability, but also helps the mouse to be used easily.
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