Rubber mouse pad supports monochrome and color printing

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-26

Mouse Pad The large rubber mouse pad can be customized according to the required size, and the delivery time is 4-7 days. The wholesale price is 8.80 yuan, and the wholesale price starts from 500 sheets. It supports monochrome and color printing. The mouse pad is made of foamed rubber material, the bubbles are small and dense, which makes the mouse pad soft and elastic, and the thickened design makes the operation feel comfortable.

It has high-density weaving technology to produce a smooth surface and a smooth feel. It adopts a non-slip bottom surface and strengthens the adhesion pattern on the bottom to increase friction and make it difficult to slide.

Mouse Pad Rubber mouse pad is optional: EVA, PVC, rubber and other materials.

The cloth of the rubber mouse pad is: fine surface cloth surface, coarse surface cloth surface, waterproof cloth surface

The edge treatment of the rubber mouse pad adopts: laser die cutting, edge locking, edge locking first and then printing

Product packaging of rubber mouse pad: OPP bag, carton, elevator bag, shrink bag, sheet-packed envelope, etc.

Applicable scenarios for rubber: Internet cafes, offices, homes, customized gifts, company promotion

Rubber mouse pad printing process

Monochrome screen printing:

1. The characters are divided into white characters, red characters, and yellow characters, and the fabric colors are available in black, red and blue;

2. The red and blue fabrics are 2MM background colors, and the black fabrics are not limited by thickness

Color thermal transfer printing: files are made according to CMYK output colors, and various color patterns can be made

Key points of custom rubber mouse pad:

1. The mouse pad is produced as a large sheet of material, which is then cut into small pieces. Because it is produced from foam material, there will be a slight error in thickness;

2. Various materials, EVA mouse pad, PVC advertising pad, photo frame pad, rubber pad can be selected;

3. The mouse pad can choose to lock the edge or not to lock the edge. The edge-locked mouse pad is finely knitted, which is not only beautiful and beautiful, but also durable;

4. Packaging modes can be provided according to customer needs, such as cartons, OPP bags, elevator bags, shrink bags, sheet envelopes, etc.

Mouse Pad is a source manufacturer with ten years of experience in customizing mouse pads.

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