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by:Tigerwings     2022-11-18

1. First of all, different materials of mouse pads have different prices. Metal pads, glass pads, and genuine leather are the most expensive, but relatively small, followed by vulcanized pads and Cordura (Cordura), and resin pads and coated cloth pads. The cheapest are plain cloth pads.

2. Secondly, even if the mouse pad is made of the same material, well-known brands will definitely be more expensive than ordinary brands. Brands such as SteelSeries, Razer, Zowie, Logitech, Cherry, Shanye, Leituo, Swordsmith, Ice Leopard, Kingdom of Players, Elecom, and Hufu E-sports are definitely more expensive than unknown brands.

3. The craftsmanship and quality of the mouse pad are also factors that distinguish the price. Mouse pads with good handling, high smoothness, comfort and good appearance will be more expensive.

·Controllability refers to the advantages and disadvantages of the mouse pad positioning ability and direction changing ability. Positioning ability is whether the mouse pointer can accurately stop when the mouse moves from one point to another. The ability to change direction refers to whether the mouse has an obvious sticky feeling when it moves frequently and small distances. Friction is a major factor in determining handling.

·The smoothness of the mouse pad is mainly reflected in the material and surface texture. In terms of material, cloth pads have the worst smoothness, while resin pads, metal pads and vulcanized pads are better. Surface texture is the aspect that best reflects the technical strength of mouse pad manufacturers. A good mouse pad will improve the inherent friction of the material through various methods such as coating, weaving techniques, and surface morphology, and enhance or control the smoothness of the mouse pad.

The comfort of the mouse pad depends on many aspects: whether the surface is flat, whether the surface material is fine, whether the bottom surface can prevent the mouse pad from sliding, whether there is a wrapping to prevent the edge of the mouse pad from rubbing the wrist, whether there is a wrist rest to relieve wrist fatigue, etc.

·Product design features, mouse pad surface printing quality, industrial design level, etc. determine whether users will be attracted by the appearance of this product.

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