Playing games When playing with a computer, choose a mouse pad. What gaming mouse pad is easy to use?

by:Tigerwings     2021-09-20
Gaming mouse pads must satisfy the requirements for smooth operation, precise positioning, and good control to ensure the smoothness of the game, especially in the FPS rapid turn movement and the moving position of MOBA games. If it is an FPS game, like a chicken player, it is better to choose low DPI and low sensitivity, which is convenient for fine operation, and realizes fast turning and smooth operation with the gun; if it is a MOBA game, the smooth woven cloth pad is positioned accurately, which can meet MOBA The game requires precision. Mouse pad material If the player uses a mechanical mouse, you can choose a rubber or cloth mouse pad. The surface texture has high friction, which is convenient for the movement and positioning of the mouse; if it is a new optical mouse, the mouse pad should be made of glass or aluminum, and the surface is flat and accurate. Degree is high. Mouse pad texture The texture of the mouse pad affects the positioning accuracy of the mouse. For example, the texture design of some mouse pads is incorrect, and it is difficult for the mouse to move on it. The editor of Maigoo recommends that you try not to choose a mouse pad with too thick texture to prevent unsmooth operation Smooth and smooth. Mouse pad size The mouse pad size can be large or small. If the girl’s hands are small and exquisite, a small mouse pad is fine. If the boy gamer prefers to use a large mouse pad, it will be more comfortable. It is better to choose a thicker mouse pad for games. Will be more handy. The mouse pad is soft and hard. Generally, hard mouse pads are more suitable for playing games, such as resin and aluminum pads, which are highly smooth and suitable for high-speed mouse movement; but soft mouse pads are also good, such as gaming chaotic cloth mouse pads are also good for playing games. , It is not easy to damage the mouse foot and the operation is also very smooth.
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