Learn about mouse pad material types

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-17

Today, let's take a quick look at the material types of mouse pads, and what kind of pads are suitable for different materials.

Just use a powerful factory mouse pad as a reference. They have 13 years of experience in mouse pad customization, with a daily output of 30,000 pieces. There are more than 1,000 mouse pad customization partners, and they have various styles of mouse pads.

Mouse pad material

1. Cloth mouse pad

This kind of mouse pad is our more common material. It is generally used to make ordinary mouse pads. The price is cheap. Many enterprises and merchants customize it as a gift for activities. They are widely used and soft and portable. The mouse provides a smooth experience and more stable control.

The mass customization price is superior, the unit price starts from 1.50 yuan, most of the time this mouse pad is also called advertising mouse pad, game mouse pad, etc.

cloth mouse pad

2. Rubber mouse pad

This kind of mouse pad belongs to a special form, because it has the advantage of rubber. In the production of mouse pad, it is often made into a wrist pad mouse pad, which is more comfortable to use and has a good anti-slip effect. Calculator mouse pad craft machine The processing size is generally 300*600*3(mm).

Batch customization starts from as low as 1.50 yuan, and supports OEM, printing and printing, packaging customization, remodeling customization, sample processing, drawing processing, processing with supplied materials, packaging customization, and on-demand customization.

rubber mouse pad

3. Leather mouse pad

Leather mouse pads are relatively high-end mouse pads, with many features such as waterproof, anti-fouling, dirt-resistant, non-slip and stable, and feel better. The mouse pads are made of double-sided leather design.

Can be customized leather table pad, square writing pad, to meet the on-demand size customization, to map customization.

leather mouse pad

4. Silicone mouse pad

Silica gel mouse pads are mostly used for mouse pads with irregular shapes, such as the anime patterns that otaku likes, suitable for gift giving, and can be customized according to needs.

Charge according to the size, size, type, pattern, you have the final say!

Silicone mouse pad

5. Yoga mouse pad

The material of the yoga mouse pad is PU+rubber. It adopts thermal transfer process and can be printed with logo. It is a very good choice for yoga studios and as gifts. In the era of national fitness, yoga mats are our other half. Print phone numbers, QR codes, addresses, courses, businesses, and more on it.

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