How to clean the mouse pad when it is dirty? Mouse pad cleaning method

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-16

Users who are accustomed to using a mouse usually put a mouse pad on the desktop, but the desktop mouse pad that has been used for a long time will be stained by sweat or water stains on the hands, or some dirt that is difficult to remove, and how to clean the mouse pad becomes a user search. the top of the leaderboard.

Several common mouse pad materials on the market include cloth material, plastic material, synthetic material, leather material, and relatively rare metal material and glass material.

leather mouse pad

But not all of them can be washed with water. The following is the method of how to clean the dirty mouse pad from everyone collected by the editor on various platforms.

Cleaning methods of different materials and mouse pads:

Cloth mouse pad: Although it is cloth, it is not a different cloth. If you have used a cloth mouse pad, you will know that it is a soft, smooth but very flexible material, so first soak the plastic pad in a basin of water for a while, then Apply a small amount to wash and clean, gently brush with an old toothbrush, do not use force, and the toothbrush must also be an old one with soft bristles, otherwise it will easily damage the mouse pad. After repeated brushing, the plastic pad will become new and basically return to the original feel.

Cleaning method of plastic mouse pad and synthetic mouse pad

Plastic and synthetic mouse pads should be the most used by gamers. They can quickly move and brake precisely. Moreover, plastic mouse pads are often very smooth, relatively stable in control, and accurate in positioning. The degree is also higher. The cleaning method is generally very simple. If you feel that the mouse pad is dirty, you can directly rinse it with water, and then place it in a cool place to dry. It is not recommended to place it in the sun.

Leather material mouse pad:

Generally, the leather material has the characteristics of quick drying, but it is better to clean. Generally, if there are stains, you can wipe it off directly with a towel. Because the leather material will not absorb water and sweat, it will dry directly on the surface, so after getting dirty It's easier to clean.

leather mouse pad

Cleaning method of metal or glass mouse pad

Metal or glass mouse pads are generally rare, and the cleaning method is simpler. Just rinse with water or wipe gently with a brush, or wipe with a damp towel.

With the above method for mouse pads of different materials, as long as you don't need brushes, washing machines, washing powder and detergents with strong alkaline, do not expose to the sun after washing, and will not damage the surface of the mouse pad material, you can use it all the time.

From the clear content summarized above, it is understood that the leather mouse pad is a mouse pad that is relatively dirt-resistant and easy to clean. The double-sided leather sewing mouse pad has the characteristics of waterproof and dirt-resistant, non-slip and stable. There are also pink, silver gray, beige, pink + gray, white + light gray, pink + light green and other colorful colors.

leather mouse pad

The mouse pad supports size customization, and samples can be customized for free with drawings. There are keyboard pads, gaming mouse pads, advertising mouse pads, office, and customized products are optional.

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