How to choose the smoothness of the gaming mouse pad?

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-24

Plastic compounds are a hot category on the market right now, and since mousepads that are too slippery or astringent are less suitable for small, delicate manipulations, fast movements and fine braking are often the antithesis of performance.

In these issues, plastic mixed materials are a good compromise, especially the double-sided design increases the ability to adapt to different games, different entertainment habits, and complex situations with different requirements. The disadvantage of plastic hybrid material mouse pads is that they are more abrasive.

As the saying goes, 'A good horse deserves a good whip, and a good boat deserves a sail.' A mousepad is to a mouse what a track is to a supercar, and the Bugatti Veyron can't do what a 16-cylinder engine can do on country roads. Although the mouse pad is small, it is a powerful tool to improve the feel and defeat the enemy in the field of game micro operation.

Tell you how smooth the gaming mouse pad is?

The smoothness of the gaming mouse pad refers to the flatness of the surface of the mouse pad and the smoothness of the mouse when it moves on the surface of the mouse pad. Gaming mouse pads must ensure a smooth and smooth surface with fine texture.

You must know that in e-sports competitions, as long as the surface of the mouse is unevenly treated and causes a little bit of frame loss, it may lead to micro-operation errors, and the entire game will be affected to a certain extent. The hard mouse pad achieves the ultimate smoothness, and the metal mouse pad can keep the surface smooth and flat under various circumstances, and has excellent wear resistance, but the price is also the most expensive.

However, metal materials have greater wear and tear on the support points at the bottom of the mouse, which need to be replaced regularly, and will generate more noise during use. The chamfer of the metal mouse pad should not be too sharp and should have a smooth transition.

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