How to choose the custom advertising mouse pad?

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-29

Mouse pad is currently a relatively cheap marketing product, but it has excellent marketing effect and has won the favor of many merchants, and then many people call those mouse pads with marketing content 'advertising mouse pads'.

Of course, how to choose a suitable mouse pad as a promotional advertising mouse pad is also very particular. It can be reflected when purchasing a mouse pad. So what are the characteristics of an advertising mouse pad that are more suitable? Mouse pad manufacturers have summarized a few Click on the content of customized advertising mouse pad to share with everyone.

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The first point: the characteristics of the target group

Whether the mouse pad is in line with the advertising and promotional items for this group of people, choose different mouse pad materials, styles, types, etc. according to different groups of people.

For example, white-collar workers: You can choose a custom-made mouse pad with better material, the advertising and marketing will be more durable, the frequency of use by users is higher, and the material is better and more durable.

Donate activities on the street: the customization volume is large and the audience is wide. You can choose to customize a more cost-effective mouse pad, and then attract people through unique styles such as design, board surface, style, content, and color.

Second: The time and place of promotional activities

Promotional time, choose advertising and promotional items suitable for the season. For sales promotion in autumn and winter, it is recommended to choose a mouse pad with a cloth surface as an advertising promotion gift, because the cloth surface will keep warm, so that the wrist will not be frozen; for sales promotion in summer, you should choose a mouse pad with a PVC surface and a crystal wristband, which can make your hands feel comfortable. Cool and comfortable.

Promotion location, choose a place with a lot of traffic, more conspicuous and eye-catching, and increase exposure

Third: Choose products that match the theme of the company

Advertising mouse pads are used for advertising and marketing. When choosing an advertising mouse pad, it is necessary to check whether the product features are related to the company's theme, so as to achieve the best marketing effect. For example, large group companies do promotions,

It is necessary to do both publicity and reflect the image of the company. You can choose to order mid-to-high-end advertising mouse pads; companies that make high-tech products generally choose glossy or PVC mouse pads, and print high-tech theme patterns to show the company The high-tech content of the product; but pvc may have a certain impact on the sensitivity of mouse movement. Tire companies generally choose natural rubber advertising mouse pads for advertising and promotional items. Soft natural rubber cloth mouse pads will People immediately think of tire products. Food companies generally choose advertising mouse pads made of odorless, environmentally friendly, and high-quality materials to highlight the green and natural characteristics of the company's food.

Fourth: Choose cost-effective mouse pad products according to different marketing needs and purposes

Cheap mouse pads are suitable for promotional activities as gifts. Relatively speaking, the cloth surface material will be cheaper, and then use monochrome printed mouse pads;

Enterprises with higher marketing effects can purchase some color-printed mouse pads with good quality and good feel, which are more personalized and more popular with users.

Fifth, how to distinguish between natural rubber and recycled mixed rubber mouse pads

Take the natural rubber and pinch it in your hand. It feels softer and more comfortable. It smells like rubber.

Recycled rubber feels relatively hard, and it doesn't feel close to the hand. The smell is more pungent and unpleasant.

Finally, take a look at the side of the mouse pad. In order to save materials, some manufacturers foam the rubber with very thin density, which is not good.

The mouse pad manufacturer is a company with 15 years of mouse pad production and operation. It guarantees the quality and quality of the mouse pad. It supports users to customize with drawings. There are mouse pads of various materials, and free samples are available.

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