How to choose a gaming mouse pad? Which is the best gaming mouse pad?

by:Tigerwings     2021-09-22
Speaking of the intimate partner of the mouse, of course it is the mouse pad. With the continuous updating of mouse types, the performance of the mouse is constantly improving, and everyone's understanding of the mouse pad is getting deeper and deeper. The importance, professionalism and fashion of the mouse pad are all part of the current computer configuration that needs to be considered. Especially for gamers, the mouse pad is even of a similar importance to the mouse itself. An excellent mouse pad can make the mouse operation more satisfactory. It can make players have better performance in various games and choose the most The right mouse pad is in the relationship between the mouse and the mouse pad. The 'intimacy' between them only determines their importance to each other, and the more important thing to make them match is to adapt to each other. In terms of material, the mouse pad is mainly divided into three categories: cloth fabric material, glass/metal material and plastic mixed material. The characteristics of these three kinds of materials are different, and the match with the mouse is also different. 2 Fabric material The mouse pad fabric material is a kind of more approachable products. The main body of this type of mouse pad is mostly composed of a very fine cloth attached to a piece of rubber, and the back side uses a zigzag star rubber to play a non-slip effect. CPI (Count Per Inch measurement times per inch) is not that high, and it will be more pleasant to use a mouse on it. However, for some mouse pads made of cloth fabrics, some special materials or coatings may be added to the cloth fabrics, which will increase the smoothness, but this kind of mouse pads may be lost when paired with those with insufficient refresh frames. The situation of the frame. 3 Glass/metal mouse pads Glass/metal mouse pads are actually mid-to-high-end mouse pads that domestic players have come into contact with earlier. A great feature of the glass/metal material is that it moves extremely smoothly, which naturally makes the player feel extremely comfortable. If there is a more delicate operation method, then whether it is a small-scale precise movement or a large-scale long-distance raid, it can be done perfectly. Glass/metal materials also have a similar disadvantage to cloth materials, that is, some products are not perfect in reflection, and the reflection is not perfect. As a result, the optical mouse will lose frames, and sometimes even the mouse can’t move. Phenomenon. 4Plastic mixed material mouse pad Plastic mixed material is currently a popular category on the market. Because a mouse pad that is too slippery or too astringent is not so beneficial for precise operations in a small range, rapid movement and precise braking often become the opposite of performance. In these issues, the plastic mixed material is a good compromise choice, especially the double-sided design adds the ability to adapt to different games, different entertainment habits and complex conditions with different requirements. The main disadvantage of the plastic mouse pad is that it is relatively worn. The applicability of the mouse pad is to abandon the misconception that smooth movement is good. Players must be clear about their own usage habits, and only when they know the usage habits can they choose the right mouse pad. Color Printing Mouse Pad Co., Ltd. specializes in customizing and processing various styles of mouse pads, which can be customized and sampled according to customer needs. The company is well-equipped, comprehensive in technology, and exquisite in craftsmanship, which can meet the needs of customers at different levels and product quality. It mainly produces {ctr} rubber and odorless mouse pad products. In the era of increasing environmental awareness, it is a wise choice for consumers
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