How to Choose a Custom Mouse Pad

by:Tigerwings     2022-12-01

1. Initiation

Refers to the sudden start of the mouse function on the mouse pad, such as the sudden turn operation in the FPS game. The activation is mainly divided into two parts. The first is the friction force between the mouse foot sticker and the mouse pad, which changes the mouse from a static friction state to a dynamic friction state. This process often requires a large force to complete the operation. The second stage is the continuous acceleration stage of the mouse pad. Some mouse pads will increase the friction with the increase of the mouse speed. These two indicators jointly determine the startability of the mouse pad.

2. Fluency

Refers to the smoothness/fluidity of the mouse pad. The smoother the mouse pad, the more difficult it is to control the mouse. In general, the resin pad>Coated, random weave cloth pad>Coarse Woven Mat>Smooth woven cloth pad, the surface smoothness of the same treatment process is basically the same.

3. Braking

Commonly known as the 'astringency' of the mouse, the higher the astringency, the better the braking performance of the mouse pad. A mouse pad with a high degree of astringency is more suitable for manipulation in a small area, and it is also more suitable for players with shaking hands. The mouse pointer does not respond obviously, so it is more stable.

4. Thickness

The thicker the mouse pad, the less impact it will have on the desktop. The advantage of thick pads is that uneven tables can achieve higher flatness, and most people like the comfort of thick pads.

5. Flexibility

Refers to the curling ability of the mouse pad, and the soft mouse pad has a certain curling ability.

Distinguished from the material, the most common is the cloth pad. A bit soft to the touch and low price; the disadvantage is that it is easy to accumulate dust, difficult to take care of, and has a short lifespan. It is more suitable for thick-footed mice and players who like to lift them.

Resin pad, commonly known as hard pad. As a synthetic material, the surface is flat, wear-resistant and smooth; the disadvantage is that it will deform after being heated, and some are prone to bubbles, resulting in uneven surface.

Metal pad, no need to worry about wear and deformation, and easy to clean. The disadvantage is that although it is wear-resistant, it wears out the mouse feet very much.

Plastic mats are economical and easy to clean when dirty. The disadvantage is also that it is not wear-resistant. After a long time, it is easy to appear different from the old and the new, and the plane is not uniform.

The choice of mouse pad is only the most suitable, not the best. You can choose a mouse pad that suits you according to your usual usage habits and game types, which can make daily use more comfortable. Regardless of the mouse pad, the foot stickers of the mouse itself are also an important part. If the mouse is pulled, then you will not be able to use the best mouse pad to achieve good results. Here is the standard pad manufacturer with an annual sales volume of 10,000 pieces, free proofing, and the fastest delivery on the same day. Provide advertising mouse pads, gift mouse pads, gaming mouse pads, luminous mouse pads, wireless charging mouse pads and other personalized customization.

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