How about the application effect of the cloth mouse pad explained by the mouse pad manufacturer?

by:Tigerwings     2021-09-18
Now that there are computers in the home, it is necessary to buy a mouse pad for convenience and protection of the mouse. As the choice of promotional advertising gifts, the choice of exhibition gifts is already a marketing tool for many businesses. How familiar are we with the introduction of mouse pads?  First of all, let’s introduce you to several materials of mouse pads. According to the market situation of mouse pads, mouse pads are roughly divided into mouse pads made of cloth, plastic rubber, glass, metal, synthetic, and some other materials, such as silicone. 1. Cloth material: The cloth pad is made of pure cloth + rubber, but the weaving of the cloth is very particular, because it directly affects the smoothness of the surface. Because the price is cheap, it is an advertising gift and one of the best-selling products;  Second, foamed natural rubber + cloth surface: the characteristic is that it can be printed on the surface with nice patterns, suitable for various occasions, the smell is small, and the speed is between the cloth Between plastic and plastic,  3. Hard plastic: Color: black is mostly single-sided: double-sided is made of pure plastic, after polishing, it is slippery, expensive, and non-wearing;  4. Synthetic mouse pads are mainly used The hand feel is better, some special materials are coated on the surface of the plastic, and the synthetic mouse pad uses a special layer, but it is not bad in terms of smoothness. At present, the price of synthetic mouse pad is higher than other materials, but it also has disadvantages, that is, the wear resistance is not very good, and the advantage is that the hand feel and positioning are excellent. Five. Plastics (PVC, PP, etc.): Polymer cortex composite material Single/double-sided:  Small particle matte surface. The advantage is that it is very wear-resistant and can be washed with water, but it has higher requirements for the performance of the optical mouse. However, there are also special pressed cloth leather pads for Internet cafes, which have a longer service life;  6. Glass pad: it is not pure glass, it uses tempered glass. Then the surface is polished very evenly, and colored patterns are also pasted on. In summer, it can also be used as a fire-fighting pad. The disadvantage is that it is fragile and expensive. . . Not available in winter. . . 7. The plasticized pad is a plastic material with a colorful pattern but it is not wear-resistant, but there is a disadvantage that the pointer of an ordinary optical mouse will float;   8. The metal pad generally refers to an aluminum pad, which is very wear-resistant, just like a glass pad. , But it is not easy to break, the price will be very expensive, and it cannot be used in winter. However, the surface of this cushion may have an oily substance to keep the surface smooth. It is a luxury of the capitalist line, but it is also very popular, but in demand The amount is not large. The above are the materials and advantages and disadvantages of these mouse pads. Each product has its value, but it is not suitable for itself. As long as it is suitable for their own mouse pad, it is the best. Companies can use these materials and Advantages to choose the right material for the mouse pad. How is the application effect of the cloth mouse pad? The cloth pad is the most popular mouse pad, and its popularity is very high, mainly because of its low cost and low price. The manufacturing process of the cloth pad is very simple, just stick a dense cloth to a rubber with good anti-slip effect. As we all know, the cloth mouse pad is a relatively popular mouse pad product, and it has the widest application range and the cloth mouse pad is also the mainstream mouse pad product on the market. Cloth pads are currently the most widely used mouse pads, mainly divided into traditional cloth pads and coated cloth pads. Ordinary cloth mouse pads are mostly made of very fine cloth attached to a piece of rubber, and the back side uses a sawtooth star rubber to play a role of non-slip. In general, cloth mouse pads have a common advantage, that is, they are very convenient to carry. Players need to roll up the mouse pad and put it in a schoolbag when they are out for games or office users. But there is one point worth noting, do not fold the mouse pad out of marks, because that will affect the smooth movement and precise positioning of the mouse on the mouse pad. The cloth mouse pad does not need to be attached to the mouse foot stickers, and the degree of wear on the mouse is relatively small compared with other mouse pads. But the cloth mouse pad is easy to clean if it is dirty, and the effect is quite good.
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