Have you bought the mouse pad yet?

by:Tigerwings     2022-03-17

Everyone knows that the mouse should be used on the mouse pad, but most people think that the mouse does not have to be matched with the mouse pad, and the mouse can also be used.

Today, the editor will come to Papa: Why do we need a mouse pad to use the mouse? What is the original function of the mouse pad?

The mouse pad provides a convenient support for the mouse

On glass, metal and other smooth surfaces or surfaces with special colors, the mouse will appear as cursor stagnation, trembling, and drifting Or no response, or even the cursor is missing. The mouse pad can support the mouse to avoid the above situation.

The mouse pad can identify the orientation of the mouse

The regular small particles on the mouse pad can be sensed by the mouse to distinguish its relative position, and the mouse pad provides a good surface for the positioning and movement of the mouse Support, compared to placing directly on the general surface, can enhance the usability and practicality of the mouse

The mouse pad protects the mouse and prolongs the service life

The mouse pad is soft and can prevent The mouse and the desktop wear each other, and the desktop will not be damaged during the use of the mouse.

At the same time, the mouse pad can effectively reduce the accumulation of debris and dust at the bottom of the mouse, thereby reducing the phenomenon of frame skipping during the use of the mouse, effectively enhancing the accuracy of the mouse in use, and reducing the impact of various external factors. mouse effect.

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