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by:Tigerwings     2022-11-28

In the Internet age, whether you are a student party or an office worker, you have to deal with computers every day. In today's study and life, a lot of work has to be done with the help of computers, and computers have become an indispensable and important device in life. For students who need to operate computers for a long time, a comfortable environment and peripherals can always bring a comfortable experience. The hand pillow and mouse pad are necessary for easy office work. It adopts Oak's unique cork bump technology, which is also very resistant from the point of view of appearance. The ergonomic wristband has the same cork elasticity on the outside and inside, and it is padded under the wrist to provide comfortable support, which can reduce the burden on the wrist and relieve wrist fatigue from long-term office work and games.

The cork material has a natural full thermal conductivity. After the hand is in contact with the oak mouse pad, the mouse pad can maintain the body temperature for a period of time, and the constant temperature is very powerful. This feature will be more comfortable to use in winter. The surface of the mouse pad is covered with a fine surface layer of 0.2mm, and the touch is very unique, like wood and skin. This kind of touch cannot be brought by the mouse pad of ordinary fiber cloth. Another advantage of Oak Natural Cork Mouse Pad is that the mouse slides smoothly and responsively and responds quickly, which can also meet the needs of gamers and graphic designers.

The natural cork wrist wrap is very good, in the process of operating the mouse, the wrist is very relaxed, and it can also avoid the mouse hand of white-collar workers in the workplace, meeting the needs of different groups of people. Of course, although natural cork is used, Oaker is also very concerned about environmental protection and insists on using natural oak skin from Portugal. When the original and rustic cork is integrated with modern technology, this is an environmentally friendly and humanistic product.

Choosing the right mouse pad can not only make the mouse slide more smoothly and responsively, but also effectively reduce the resistance and say goodbye to the common problem of 'mouse hand' in the workplace. The hand pillow and mouse pad are made of novel materials, and the wrist support is in place. In general, it is a good desktop item worth recommending. The annual sales volume of mouse pad manufacturers is 30 million pieces, free proofing, and the fastest delivery on the same day. Provide advertising mouse pads, gift mouse pads, gaming mouse pads, luminous mouse pads, wireless charging mouse pads and other personalized customization.

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