Does the gaming mouse pad affect gaming? Quietly tell you the common sense of the mouse pad

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-26

As the hottest online game ever ('League of Heroes'), it is an RPG game developed by Monster Shooter. The main gameplay of the game is an endless adventure, overcoming thorns and thorns to advance in countless areas of the frog nest forest, non-stop Shoot monsters. In the game, you can quickly customize and set the character, choose the best strategy to defeat the enemy, and have countless armors and weapons to choose from.

Friends who play games know that in order to obtain a good experience and record in the game, there are many factors that need to be considered. The computer hardware configuration is very important, among which the mouse, spacers, and mouse pads are very critical. Some masters will say it, and I don’t care if my skills are good. The main function of the mouse pad is to prevent the photoreceptor positioning of the mouse from being affected by the surface reflection and refraction of special materials such as glass, and to provide a plane for the mouse photoreceptor system to calculate the movement vector. Different mouse pads will affect the feel, and a good pad can improve the accuracy and smoothness of mouse movement.

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