Do you want the same mouse pad as Razer Yuanshin limited game equipment?

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-29

Can the same mouse pad be customized for Razer Genshin Impact Gaming Equipment? Mouse pad manufacturers can customize the same mouse pad for you in batches.

The Razer Heavy Armor Insect Genshin-limited mouse pad was released in November last year. At that time, the mouse and gaming chair were launched together with the Genshin game character elements, which looked particularly cool.

The data shows that the Razer Heavy Armor Genshin-limited mouse pad uses a micro-textured cloth surface, which has a softer feel and a silky surface. It's as easy as a Paimon flying in the sky.

The bottom of the mouse pad adopts a non-slip rubber bottom surface, which can realize stable control. In-game rewards: rough stone ×30, adventurer's experience ×5. The heavy armored insect Genshin limited mouse pad is priced at 199 yuan.

You can also find a mouse pad manufacturer to customize the same type of mouse pad, and find a mouse pad manufacturer to customize the same type of mouse pad at a cheaper price. The mouse pad manufacturer has 15 years of experience in mouse pad customization.

Can come to customize the map, free samples, Nissan 30,000 + mouse pads, can undertake large-scale event advertising mouse pads, etc., materials, patterns, shapes can be customized on demand.

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