Tea Coasters are small, circular or square pads used to protect surfaces from hot tea cups or mugs. They serve several key purposes:

Heat Protection: The primary function of a tea coaster is to absorb and insulate the heat from a hot tea container, preventing damage or staining to the surface underneath.

Decoration: Tea coasters often feature decorative designs, patterns, or images, adding an aesthetic touch to the tea-drinking experience.

Functionality: Beyond protecting surfaces, our rubber tea coasters can provide a stable base to prevent tea cups or mugs from sliding or tipping over.

Portability: Tea coasters are typically small and lightweight, making them easy to move around and use in different locations.

Rubber tea coasters are common in kitchens, dining rooms, and anywhere tea is served. They help maintain the furniture's cleanliness and appearance while enhancing the tea experience. Tigerwings can provide high quality tea coasters with a more competitive price, welcome to contact us!

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