Wrist support mouse pad support to map customization

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-28

The mouse pad has almost become a necessary accessory product of the mouse, and if it is a user who uses the mouse frequently, it is extremely important to protect the wrist, because the wrist is the place where the mouse is moving, so there are special mouse pad manufacturers. Wrist pad mouse pad, a 15-year-old manufacturer Shenzhen Co., Ltd. factory provides customization of oversized mouse pads, hand pillow mouse pads, wireless charging mouse pads, and gaming mouse pads.

Wrist pads and mouse pads have different shapes, colors and materials, among which materials include EVA, silica gel and so on.

wrist mouse pad

Then the EVA wrist pad mouse pad is available in black/red/gray/blue color options, the material is: Lycra cloth + rubber bottom, the thickness of the wrist pad is 4.4mm, and the height of the wrist pad is 21.5mm in ergonomic design. The bottom surface adopts a thickened anti-slip design, which has the characteristics of natural rubber, environmental protection and health, strong adsorption force, and prevents sliding during use.

Different shapes, specifications and sizes:

Wrist support mouse pad specification: 250*230*21.5mm;

Keyboard pad specification: 445*85*24mm;

Hand rest pad specification: 145*80) 22. 5mm;

wrist mouse pad

Silicone mouse pads have different animation patterns, and also support customized drawings and batch customization. The weight is generally 220g, and the size is 250*200*20mm (customized according to user needs).

Material: rubber + good performance cloth

1. The cloth surface is made of high-density Jiaji cloth, the surface is fine and smooth, suitable for optical mouse

2. The bottom surface is designed with anti-slip texture, which will not slide easily when placed on the table.

3. Process: Ordinary monochrome silk screen printing (limited to one LOGO, the printed surface has a concave-convex feeling, printed twice,) bottom silk screen printing (foreign single brand requires bottom silk screen printing, LOGO color is clear, printing times more than 7 times, production The cost is higher than all printing), color heat transfer printing (suitable for all mouse pad printing, very wide, strong color, no fading) o

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