Wrist Mouse Pad Three Piece Set

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-28

The mouse pad, a computer peripheral accessory that is easily overlooked by everyone, is very important for those who need to work in front of the computer for a long time. A comfortable environment and peripherals can always bring a comfortable experience.

Especially the wrist pad mouse pad, which has the function of soothing the wrist and protecting the mouse, the wrist pad mouse pad supports wholesale customization!

Wrist Mouse Pad The newly launched three-piece wrist guard product adopts artificial design, which is composed of three kinds of pads: wrist mouse pad, keyboard pad and hand rest pad.

The material is silky lycra cloth + soft memory cloth + slippery rubber sole, forming a unique concave-convex process. The color matching includes stain-resistant gray, black, bright rose red, and fashionable blue.

The ergonomic wristband has the same cork elasticity on the outside and inside. It is padded under the wrist to provide comfortable support, which can reduce the burden on the wrist and relieve wrist fatigue from long-term office work and games.

The surface of the mouse pad is covered with a fine surface layer of 0.2mm, and the touch is very unique, like wood and skin. This kind of touch cannot be brought by ordinary fiber cloth mouse pads.

Another advantage of Oak's natural cork mouse pad is that the mouse slides smoothly and responsively and responds quickly, which can also meet the needs of gamers and graphic designers.

The mouse is in a normal holding state, and the active area of ​​the mouse is quite large. Moving left, right, and slightly large movements can also be satisfied.

The natural cork wrist wrap is very good. In the process of operating the mouse, the wrist is very relaxed, and it can also avoid white-collar mouse hands in the workplace and meet the needs of different groups of people.

The wrist guard of the mouse pad is full and elastic, and the appropriate protrusion can relieve wrist fatigue, and the comfortable office environment can also moderately reduce the pressure of work.

The wrist pad mouse pad supports the customization of drawings and free samples. The shape, color, size and material of the mouse pad can be customized according to user needs.

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