Which material is better for buying yoga mats?

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-23

Quickly understand the types of yoga mats and their material composition. When you choose to buy or customize a yoga mat, if you accidentally buy the wrong material, you may be at risk of chronic poisoning. Among the customized yoga mats on the market, there are many choices. If you don’t know how to choose, read this article first.

What are the materials of yoga mats?

At present, most yoga mats are made of: rubber material, rubber material, NBR material, and EVE material. Of course, there are differences in the texture and use experience of yoga mats made of different materials.

Which material is better for yoga mats?

PVC material yoga mat: Chinese name is polyvinyl chloride

Advantages: the price is affordable, you can buy it everywhere, the quality is guaranteed, and the price is relatively high

Disadvantages: It is a product with a relatively hard material, and the weight is heavy, the resilience is relatively poor, it is not convenient to carry, the tear resistance is not enough, it is easy to tear, and some products will have an odor

Rubber material yoga mat: natural rubber, pu rubber

The thickness of natural rubber and pu rubber mats is between 1mm and 5mm, which are relatively thin mats and are suitable for advanced yoga practitioners.

Advantages of natural rubber: environmental protection, resilience, and high anti-slip properties; Disadvantages: expensive, and the price of a natural rubber yoga mat is around a thousand yuan (of course, for users who have spending power, say otherwise)

Advantages of pu rubber: it is sweat-absorbing and easy to take care of. The price is cheaper than pure natural products, usually around a few hundred yuan. Disadvantages: the material is relatively thin, not so friendly to yoga beginners, and it is easy to bump.

NBR material yoga mat:

In recent years, this material has been used less, because although it is cheap, it has a strong smell, poor environmental protection, and low resilience. Generally, in order to solve this problem, some manufacturers will increase the thickness of this mat as the main selling point. ,

EVE material yoga mat:

The Chinese name of the EVE material is polyethylene heat-shrinkable sleeve. If this material is not used properly, there may be du. It must be made of vinyl acetate monomer on the premise of making a yoga mat, and a foaming agent will also be used. Etc. is more complicated, but it can reduce high crystallinity and improve toughness. At the same time, it is also because of the combination of foaming agent and EVE itself that the toxic substance formamide is produced. EVE materials are generally used for wires and cables as insulation and protection materials.

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