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by:Tigerwings     2022-11-30

Founded in 2008, it is a manufacturer specializing in the customization of mouse pads. It has two production bases in Shenzhen and Dongguan. It has the most advanced and complete equipment. It can provide customized processes such as laser cutting, color printing, thermal roll printing, and self-sealing. .

Printing transfer paper, the production process of sublimation transfer printing paper is similar to the digital color inkjet proofing system, that is, use the computer to process and design the graphics, photos, etc. to be thermally transferred, and use a digital inkjet printer to print on the base paper Printing, the digital inkjet printer is equipped with four independent ink cartridges of yellow, magenta, cyan and black, so it can print monochrome images or color images on the base paper. This inkjet printer saves the plate making process, lowers the production cost, and makes the thermal transfer process easier.

Ready to transfer digital inkjet dye-sublimation transfer is to use a digital camera or scanner and a professional library to digitize the image, process and design the image through a computer, and make the required image with bright colors and fine layers, and then pass it through The inkjet printer with special sublimation transfer ink prints the ink on the base paper according to the image designed by the computer, and then heats the image on the transfer paper through a baking cup machine, a baking machine or a baking machine, and the image is transferred in a few minutes. Printed on the mouse pad. This is the process of customizing the mouse. Mouse pad customization includes color, pattern, style, etc. can be customized.

Focusing on customization and OEM in the mouse pad industry for 14 years, it has served many well-known brands and enterprises with first-class quality. The hot-selling styles include advertising mouse pads, calendar mouse pads, gaming mouse pads, oversized mouse pads, hand pillow mouse pads, yoga mats, etc. Welcome to visit, negotiate and cooperate.

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