Where can I customize the pattern of the mouse pad?

by:Tigerwings     2021-09-23
1. Where can I customize the mouse pad pattern? The mouse pad manufacturing company is a leading company in the well-known mouse pad customization industry in the country. It can provide consumers with samples for free, and it is also free in the design of advertising patterns, so as to better help customers customize the mouse pads they need urgently. Products, the wholesale mouse pads are factory direct sales, with higher cost performance. Free design drawings and mail samples. 2. What is the wholesale custom process for mouse pads? After confirming the wholesale custom-made mouse pad with Mouse Pad Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the company's sales staff will sign the relevant contract with the customer. The contract will stipulate the specific customized quantity, advertising content, delivery date, pricing, etc., and then confirm Manuscript. If it is a relatively large order, it is necessary to pay in advance. After the payment, the proofing will be carried out. After the sample is confirmed, the bulk product will be produced, and the final payment will be required after the bulk product is completed and confirmed with the customer. The payment can be delivered. 3. What are the advantages of using mouse pads for corporate advertising? 1. The effect is good and the coverage is wide. The mouse pad advertisement is different from other advertising leaflets and other publicity methods. It will not be discarded at will, because it has great practicality and is more acceptable to consumers. It can be brought to us. Come to a certain order. 2. Long time, low cost and high effect: The mouse pad can be used for a long time, so that our advertisements will continue to be displayed to users during the life of the mouse pad. The mouse pad advertising is cost-effective and practical. Both companies and individuals can accept this cost. The price is very low, and the area covered is also very wide. It is a marketing artifact for merchants, advertising mouse pads, allowing you to enjoy the foundry services of major manufacturers
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