What is the role of the wrist mouse pad

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-27

If the mouse pad is not used well, it will cause damage to the wrist? From some advertisements, the mouse hand with bent tube syndrome is similar to the mouse hand. This is caused by the long-term friction and pressure between the mouse wrist and the desktop when we use it for a long time.

At present, mouse pad manufacturers have made a lot of innovations for mouse pads, such as wrist mouse pads, etc., which can customize mouse pads according to the needs of hands. Wrist pads are made of soft padding to reduce blood vessel compression on the wrist when using the mouse. It is very effective in reducing the pressure on the wrist, reducing the risk of suffering from mouse hands, and making the wrist easier.

Wrist Mouse Pad

The silicone-filled wristband in the wristband and mouse pad has strong plasticity and is relatively common in customization. This kind of filling is a kind of fluid before production. According to the needs of customers for products, various special products can be customized. Personalized shape, at the same time, the silicone can also be adjusted to the hardness, according to personal preferences to customize the hardness, of course, it is not recommended to be too hard, so that there is no effect of the wrist.

At present, each of the molds in this silicone-filled wristband and mouse pad needs to be professionally customized, so the production cost is relatively high. Generally, the molds are made of all-aluminum, which can effectively resist pressure and high temperature during the silicone molding process, so each It is not a small cost to set molds. If the individual molds are not mature or the market demand is not high, then the production will be relatively small, which is why the products on the market have a high degree of similarity.

The above is some detailed information about the customization of wrist mouse pads. If you want to customize mouse pads, you can also pay attention to mouse pad manufacturers. We are a factory specializing in custom mouse pads. Currently, there are advertising mouse pads, leather mouse pads, and wrist mouse pads. , yoga mat, PVE mouse pad, etc., for more details, please leave a message or click to consult.

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