What is the right size of the mouse pad?

by:Tigerwings     2021-09-16
At present, the mouse pads sold on the market today generally have fixed specifications and sizes. Generally, the common ones are 200mm long and 180mm wide, 260mm long and 210mm wide, 250mm long and 200mm wide, and 300mm wide and 250mm wide, 247mm wide and 343mm long. 315mm wide and 390mm long. When buying a mouse pad, many friends ignore the size of the mouse pad and pay more attention to the material and the effect of photosensitive positioning! In fact, size is also very important, so what size is the right mouse pad? The following mouse pad manufacturing company will share with you how large the size of the mouse pad is more suitable 1. The most mouse pad on the market, generally around 200mm*180mm, this type of mouse pad is usually given by the store when the machine is installed, or by the merchant. Mouse pad used to promote advertising! This kind of mouse pad is enough for families who do not play games and occasionally work or browse the web! 2. A mouse pad of about 247mm*343mm. This kind of mouse pad is larger than the mouse pads presented by the merchants on the market. The texture and size of this mouse pad are more suitable for use in places such as offices or Internet cafes, compared to home use. The mouse pad will be slightly larger. For office white-collar workers or game lovers who like to go to Internet cafes, this mouse pad does not take up space and is just the right size! 3. 315mm*390mm, this kind of mouse pad is specially enlarged, especially suitable for professional gamers. This kind of mouse pad is especially suitable for professional gamers in terms of material and size. The large cushion is smooth and smooth. The specially enlarged size of the cushion surface allows game lovers to play games freely and enjoy the fun of the game! 4. There are bigger ones like 600mm*340mm, this kind of mouse pad is not just a mouse pad in the strict sense, it can be called a desk pad to be more precise, and there are even larger sizes. This type of mouse pad is generally used as a desktop decoration or as a publicity!
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