What is the difference in the quality of mouse pads?

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-17

What is the difference in the quality of the mouse pad?

1. First of all, a good mouse pad should be flat and smooth, but the word 'slippery' has many meanings. If you blindly pursue slippery, you will lose the accuracy of the mouse's pause feeling. What we want to pursue is uniformity and softness. and some smooth texture.

2. Friction coefficient: There is no fixed number for this coefficient, and the resistance is moderate. In fact, in the workmanship of the mouse pad, the texture thickness and friction resistance are quite particular. If the mouse pad does this well, it will give you a lot of precision and precision. Let you enjoy the fun of the game.

3. Reflectivity: A good mouse pad must be compatible with all optical mice. High or low reflectivity is not conducive to the positioning of the mouse, so it is better to be moderate.

4. Water vapor performance: This problem is more concerned by everyone. I am afraid that my hands will sweat when playing, or I will accidentally spill water on the mat, which makes it impossible to achieve the expected effect during operation. Good mouse pads are generally made of high-permeability compatible materials, which can solve the problem of water seepage.

5. Easy to clean: The mouse pad is easy to get dirty. If the mouse pad is not cleaned for a long time, some foreign matter will be deposited on the surface of the mouse pad, which will cause the mouse to be not very smooth during operation and will not exert its relative effect. up.

6. Adsorption capacity: Also known as anti-slip, a good mouse pad should have good adsorption and flexibility, so that the mouse pad can be immediately bonded and peeled off from the desktop and other carriers, making it feasible for users to use.

7. Printing quality: When printing, a good mouse pad can be seen from the printing on the surface, so when you choose a mouse pad, you can judge the quality of the mouse pad by looking at the printing on the surface.

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