What is the difference between a hard mouse pad and a soft mouse pad?

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-23

What is the difference between a hard mouse pad and a soft mouse pad? Share the advantages and disadvantages of common hard mouse pads and soft mouse pads, as well as the differences.

Common hard mouse pads include aluminum alloy, plexiglass and silicone.

Among the many mouse pads, the demand for silicone mouse pads should be second only to cloth pads, because it is a silicone-based mouse pad with a better touch, and is a compromise between coarse cloth pads and fine cloth pads, used for mice Smoother, more accurate operation.

Many competing mouse pads today are mostly silicone, which are easier to clean, unlike cloth pads, which separate the cloth from the rubber sole.

Glass mouse pads are rare. Generally, the sales volume of this type of mouse pad is relatively small. Although the price is cheap, the user usage rate is low. Glass mouse pads are usually tens of yuan to more than one hundred yuan, so the quality is completely different.

The surface of the glass mouse pad is very smooth, with the advantages of being stylish and easy to clean.

Many people also use metal mouse pads at this stage and they are the cleanest mouse pads out there, not to mention durability. At present, most metal materials are mainly aluminum.

Disadvantages of metal mouse pads:

Because it is made of metal, if the bottom of the mouse pad is damaged, it will easily produce excessive sliding friction noise when dragging, and it is difficult to carry, heavy, and easy to rust, especially suitable for people who like to sweat.

Metal mouse pads are more suitable for playing games, but for students in South China who do not have heating, it is not suitable to use glass and metal pads in winter, because it is very cold in winter.

Soft mouse pads mainly include: cloth mouse pad, leather mouse pad, etc.

A traditional mouse pad is just a cloth pad with a non-slip rubber bottom and a piece of knitted fabric on top. These days, this mouse pad is the most common one. Because online shopping for electronic products is basically a gift, so it is not worth much.

This type of mouse pad is characterized by wear resistance, softness, long service life, and no noise when dragging the computer mouse.

However, because it is a knitted fabric, the friction resistance is very high, and it has a thick and thin surface, so the touch is different. .When choosing this type of mouse pad, pay attention to the thickness, usually not too thin, otherwise it will feel the same.

There is also a leather mouse pad. This type of mouse pad is mainly made of leather-like material. It is easy to clean and looks more high-end. It is liked by many users, but the price will be a bit more expensive. The leather mouse pad is also more durable and not easy Breakage, very light, easy to carry.

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