What is the difference between a coarse mouse pad and a fine mouse pad?

by:Tigerwings     2021-09-16
The difference between the coarse surface and the fine surface speed version of the mouse pad: the fine surface has the disadvantage that it will be stickier after sweating, and the mouse will lose frames on it; the thick surface is suitable for FPS games, and the fine surface is suitable for real-time strategy games.   For the mouse that is more picky on the mouse pad, use a rough surface.   But the rough surface is more expensive. The disadvantage of    fine noodles is that it will be sticky after sweating, and the mouse will drop frames on it. Because the optical sensor is different from the laser sensor, the laser is more stable and more suitable for fiber cloth mats. Then I have to say that the rough surface is the increased positioning of the grid, but for some optical sensors, the light may not be reflected. Stable, resulting in frame loss. The thin surface is a horizontal groove to make the mouse move more smoothly. The rough surface is generally called the control panel. The thin surface is generally called the speed version. According to the mouse or personal needs, choose a mat that gives the mouse the best working environment.
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