What is the difference between a charging mouse pad and a normal mouse?

by:Tigerwings     2022-12-02

As life becomes more and more intelligent, even the mouse pads we use to pad the mouse are beginning to be rechargeable. So is there any difference between a rechargeable mouse pad and an ordinary mouse?

The current charging mouse pad is also divided into two types: wired charging and wireless charging.

Previously, Logitech, a manufacturer of game peripherals, has launched a wireless mouse pad that uses the POWERPLAY charging system, which uses electromagnetic resonance technology to create an electromagnetic field on the mouse pad to charge the battery in the wireless mouse.

But this wireless mouse pad has a limitation that it uses Logitech's own technology and must be used with other companies' mouse.

The second is Corsair's MM1000 electromagnetic induction mouse pad, which supports the Qi wireless charging standard and is more compatible. In theory, as long as the wireless mouse used supports Qi wireless charging, it can be used, but currently there are This mouse is very rare.

It is worth mentioning that the Corsair MM1000 is equipped with a Micro USB wireless charging adapter, which is compatible with all mice and can also charge mobile phones, which is really very practical.

In addition, there is a relatively cheap Miwu smart mouse pad, which is equipped with a Q1 wireless charging module. You need a mouse and mobile phone that support this standard to use it. Some users said that it is more like a mobile phone charger, and the mouse pad is an accessory.

It is worth mentioning that the Miwu Smart Mouse Pad feels gaming-grade, so the experience is also good.

Of course, if there is no mouse pad you like here, you can also choose to customize the manufacturer. A mouse pad manufacturer with customized services can customize the mouse pad according to the needs of users. The pattern, size, size, thickness, and shape can be customized according to requirements. There are luminous mouse pads, wireless charging mouse pads, etc., you can search the official website to view.

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