What benefits can an advertising mouse pad bring to a business?

by:Tigerwings     2022-03-18

Advertising mouse pad
Advertising mouse pad is a custom mouse pad designed for enterprises. According to the comprehensive characteristics of the industry in which the enterprise is located, the products it produces or sells, the corporate culture, and the requirements of the enterprise, a mouse pad that meets the comprehensive characteristics of the enterprise and can represent the purpose of the enterprise is designed and manufactured.
What benefits can a custom advertising mouse pad bring to a business?
One, more effective. After the mouse pad is made, it will not be thrown into the trash can by others like other business cards and advertising flyers, so that every investment of yours will be realized.
Second, the price is cheap. Although the effect of TV advertisements is good, the cost is higher, newspaper advertisements are not as vivid and intuitive as mouse pads, printed promotional materials will be thrown away, and mouse pads can be used multiple times. After using this method, the threshold for advertising mouse pads is greatly lowered, and generally small businesses or self-employed individuals can also have their own mouse pads, which are no longer the patents of large enterprises and tourist attractions.
Three, the number of pageviews is large. Generally, only one person sees a business card, and the mouse pad business card will allow more relatives and friends to see it, increasing more business opportunities.
Product Advantages:
1) It has passed the national SGS eight heavy metal content test and certification, and reached the European ROHS standard; It will not slide easily on the top. It adopts Taiwan's advanced thermal bonding technology, and it does not hold the edge without pressing the edge.
2) The commonly used fabrics are white and black, the sublimation heat transfer pattern of the white fabric is gorgeous and vivid, and the black fabric screen printing company advertisement is simple and elegant; it can be customized according to the requirements of customers, the price is low, and the promotion effect is remarkable, which is the ideal promotion for various enterprises. Choice!

Colored cloth advertising mouse pad Features:
The base material is made of high-density natural rubber. Judging from the actual situation of the advertising mouse pad industry and the feedback of customers, it is regarded as a cost-effective The highest advertising mouse pad is well-deserved, and it is worthy of priority to use as a promotional gift for advertising. The reason why the cloth advertising mouse pad is welcomed by users is not only because of the quality of natural rubber, but also because it is very suitable for the use of optical mouse and is not easy to be distorted. Cloth texture, feel very good. As an advertising mouse pad, the unique affinity of its cloth surface and the appeal and visual impact of the color-printed cloth surface will surely bring you unexpected advertising effects and rolling wealth.

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