What are the technical indicators knowledge for mouse pad selection?

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-16

What are the technical indicators for mouse pad selection? As one of the indispensable peripheral accessories in computer office, the demand for mouse pads is also increasing, so how should we choose mouse pads?

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From the stress response resistance, smoothness, and positioning ability of the mouse pad, we can know the general quality of the mouse pad.

1. Resistance under stress response

For example, in a game, when the hand holding the mouse moves suddenly and rapidly, the force exerted by the wrist will involuntarily increase due to the tension caused by the unexpected event, and the magnitude is definitely greater than when you move the mouse normally. When it is much larger, the pressure on the mouse pad will naturally increase. In this case, the resistance of the pad itself is the resistance under the stress response.

2. Smoothness

Smoothness is divided into two concepts:

Shun: It is mainly used to measure the flatness of the surface of the mouse pad, and whether it can ensure the stable movement of the mouse at a uniform speed.

Slippery: generally refers to the smoothness of the mouse when it moves on the surface of the mouse pad.

The higher the slip, the smoother the mouse moves. Quantitatively speaking, the mouse is pushed in the same direction and force, and the farther the moving distance is, the greater the slippage is.

Factors affecting the slipperiness include: the slipperiness of the material itself, the shape and arrangement of the surface texture. This indicator is also the most important factor affecting the performance of the latter indicators.

Micro-operation: Micro-operation in FPS games refers to the subtle movement of the mouse in a small range. An important factor that determines the quality of micro-operations is the friction force when the mouse starts rapidly, which is the so-called rapid start.

The smaller the friction, the lower the difficulty of micro-operations, and vice versa. The micro-operations of RTS games mostly refer to the number of effective operations that players can complete per unit time. The more times, the lower the error rate and the stronger the micro-operation ability.

3. Positioning ability

Generally speaking, positioning refers to the accuracy of the crosshair in FPS games from moving to stopping and completing the aiming process. It is more accurate to use.

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