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by:Tigerwings     2022-11-27

What kind of mouse experience can a super-large mouse pad bring us? Especially during the game, a small mouse pad is easy to fall off when a large movement is made, thereby reducing the gaming experience. [Support custom oversized mouse pad]

For this reason, many well-known game peripheral manufacturers have launched their own super-large mouse pads. For example, Feidun recently launched an gaming mouse pad. This mouse pad has a length of 80 cm and a width of 30 cm. Players can use it as they like. Move the mouse pad, it is unconstrained on the desktop.

The information released by the Feidun Gaming Mouse Pad shows:

The surface is made of silky cloth, which makes the mouse movement smooth and smooth, and the control is more precise.

The bottom is made of natural rubber, which is soft and elastic to the touch, and the feedback is moderate, and it is more durable with the 3mm thick edging.

Of course, if you want a larger mouse pad, you can also choose to customize the mouse pad. Mouse pad manufacturers can customize various mouse pads according to user needs, from material-size-style-pattern.

mouse pad

At present, there are more popular wrist mouse pads, leather mouse pads, silicone mouse pads, light-emitting mouse pads, wireless mouse pads, PVC mouse pads, yoga mats, etc., and mouse pads can be customized.

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