Several principles for buying a mouse pad and choosing a supplier

by:Tigerwings     2021-09-18
With the development of social economy, the volume of in-house sales is increasing day by day. This has brought development opportunities to the advertising mouse pad and game pad production and processing industry. But in recent years, various small production workshops have increasingly survived and developed on the fringes of cities. This is something that is understandable at first, but because of their mixed good and bad, they have a certain “good faith deception” towards consumers, so I think it is necessary to disclose some little-known details to consumers: for example, The company just spends money to register the company. It has three or five people and two computers. It does not have a production company or a specialized material supplier. It just makes the website tall and ostentatiously sells customized mice to customers all over the country. Pad business. They generally keep the price of mouse pads low and use shoddy ones to attract cheap customers. However, because they do not have their own factories, they completely rely on outsourcing production in terms of material selection and delivery dates. Suppliers dominate. , So the delayed goods phenomenon in the later period, the quality problem is not guaranteed at all. If customers don’t inspect the site or keep their eyes open to identify them carefully, they will be deceived if they are not careful. All in all, how consumers choose a mouse pad supplier should follow the following principles: 1. Can the supplier produce the products they need? Generally speaking, the supplier must have the ability to design and produce the required products, otherwise, the supplier organizes the supply of goods, which is somewhat risky;   2. Does the supplier have its own manufacturing enterprise? Suppliers should have their own factories to ensure product deadlines, replenishment, small batch production, etc.; 3. Suppliers should have their own design, technology and service teams. Because the mouse pad material is a customized model, it requires very strong immediate product development capabilities. Many Dongguan mouse pad companies rely on foreign aid for technological development. If they don’t have immediate product development capabilities, they need to find out after receiving an order. Technical foreign aid has great risks in terms of product development and services.   4. The supplier is preferably a professional enterprise of mouse pad materials. Professional mouse pad materials companies are professional in both marketing and production organization models. In terms of customizing mouse pad materials, they have more advantages than finished products, and they have greater confidence in the success of the operation.   5. Choose the brand that suits you. Even in the professional companies of mouse pad materials, the positioning of each company is different. Some brands are positioned at the high-end, some are positioned at the mid-end, and some are positioned at the low-end. Choose the right supplier according to your product and budget. But the author would like to remind you that the high-end is a mouse pad made of pure natural rubber, which is environmentally friendly and odorless, and has no harm to the human body. The low-end is made of recycled rubber, which is not environmentally friendly and has odor. Long-term use will cause cancer. Mouse In order to protect the interests of customers for more than ten years, the company has never used reclaimed rubber to produce mouse pads. It has won the favor of dealers and enterprises and high-quality people in the country and continues to return orders.
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