Office game universal mouse pad customization

by:Tigerwings     2022-12-02

General-purpose mouse pad for office games, made of natural rubber, thickened, tear-resistant, single-sided use, anti-slip rubber bottom on the other side, precision-locked design gaming base, the price is 0.7~30 yuan.

It is mainly made of natural foam rubber, the bubbles are small and dense, which makes the mouse pad soft and elastic, and the thickened design makes the operation feel more comfortable.

The mouse pad is edge-locked with precise edge-locking technology, and the edge-locking machine imported from Japan is precise and smooth, more durable and beautiful.

Using original imported printer reverse ink, high-definition pattern or customized shortcut keys, clear pattern and bright color, high reduction thermal transfer technology

The general mouse pad printing process for office games has two steps:

Monochrome screen printing: words are divided into white, red, and yellow, and the color of the fabric is black, red, and blue. Red and blue fabrics are 2MM background colors, and black fabrics are not limited by thickness.

Color heat transfer printing: files are made according to CMYK output color, and various color patterns can be made

General mouse pad features for office games

The game is more stylish: the smooth surface does not drift, the mouse in the game is more sensitive, the movement is smoother, and the control is precise

More quiet: the use of surface treatment technology can have a better quiet effect when in use

Rubber material: Wear-resistant rubber material is used, no harmful substances are added, no peculiar smell, and the non-slip bottom surface is more comfortable

Abrasion-resistant and washable: the selected cloth surface is bright and colorful, it can be washed many times, and the design is 3mm thicker

Wholesale game mouse pads, support printing advertisements, anti-slip, use PVC material, support spot order, size can be customized, processing methods are OEM, sample customization, drawing customization. The fastest shipping time ranges from 1-3 days, 8-15 days, 4-7 days,

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