Mouse Pads: Cloth Mouse Pad Care Considerations

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-16

What are the different characteristics of different materials for mouse pads? Which mouse pad is better for playing games? Do you have such problems? Today, mouse pad manufacturers will talk to you about the most common fabric mouse pads and care precautions .

First of all, the most common cloth mouse pad is a mainstream product with high cost performance. At present, cloth mouse pads are mainly made of two kinds of cloth pads, one is traditional cloth pad and the other is coated cloth pad.

mouse pad

Secondly, cloth pads are also divided into fine and rough surfaces. The two kinds of textures are also different. The rough surface is good in handling, while the fine surface is good in moving speed.

mouse pad

The advantage of the cloth pad is that it is durable, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to open around and edge up, which will affect the use.

Precautions for mouse pad maintenance Precautions:

1. Do not use a brush when washing (mainly for cloth mouse pads)

2. Do not use the washing machine, and must wash it by hand (the washing machine must not wash metal and plastic handles)

3. Do not use violent methods such as rubbing, wringing, kneading, etc.

4. Do not use alkaline washing products such as washing powder

5. After cleaning, do not hang it up to dry or expose it to the sun

After understanding the material and maintenance methods of the mouse pad, I believe you also have a preliminary understanding of the mouse pad products on the market. When purchasing, friends must purchase according to their needs, and finally find the product that suits them.

It is a mouse pad manufacturer that supports the production of various mouse pads on the market. It can be customized according to the drawings. According to user needs, patterns, sizes, colors, and styles can be selected. There are also calendar mouse pads, advertising mouse pads, and wrist mouse pads. pads and more.

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