Mouse pad manufacturers share the material classification of mouse pads

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-20

The material classification of the mouse pad, in the customization of the mouse pad, you can choose the production material according to the user's needs to obtain a more suitable use. It is a mouse pad custom manufacturer with rich experience in customizing the mouse pad. Characteristics and classification of pads.

1. EVA mouse pad: The coated paper on EVA+ is printed in color, and the surface is PVC matte. EVA is a polymer composite material with low cost and soft cushioning, but due to environmental problems, it will be gradually eliminated.

2. PVC mouse pad: The bottom of the EVA (or the bottom is rubber) + the coated paper above is a color-printed pvc matte surface. PVC is also a low-cost polymer composite material.

The surface of the mat has a small particle matte surface that can be washed with water, and the bottom is made of rubber or other plastics. In addition, since PVC cannot pass environmental inspections, it will also be phased out gradually.

3. Rubber + cloth pad: here is the bonding of natural rubber foam cloth and cloth (usually Jiaji cloth) (other rubber smells heavy, is harmful to human body, and may even be toxic), the cost is low, and the surface of the cloth can be thermally transferred Or silk screen technology to print out the desired pattern, which are mainly such mouse pads on the market, which are very popular.

4. Wooden mouse pad: The material is wood, and the surface can also be coated with some special covering layers. The pad that appeared before is now largely invisible, and you can also try sliding your mouse over it with a plank.

5. Wrist silicone mouse pad: There is a piece of silicone on the back of the pad, and the mouse pad is wrapped with cloth. This pad is designed to prevent mouse hands, which are not suitable for gamers in the affected sliding space.

6. Hand warmer mouse pad: The material is mainly textiles, USB power supply, a must-have companion in winter, which can warm your hands.

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