Mouse pad customization process Personalized mouse pad game pad should pay attention to

by:Tigerwings     2021-09-17
Abstract: The mouse is indispensable as a standard input device, and with the continuous development of personal computers, its role is gradually surpassing the keyboard. However, a good horse needs a good saddle, and a good mouse is no different. Its best partner is a mouse pad. Let's take a look at the information introduction of the mouse customization process. [Mouse pad customization] Mouse pad customization process Personalized mouse pad customization precautions 1. The meaning of the mouse pad customization process: the so-called mouse pad customization process is between the mouse pad purchased by the mouse pad buyer according to their actual needs and the mouse pad manufacturer :Inquiry—Send samples—Customers confirm samples—Mouse pad manufacturer drafts mouse pad purchase contract—Both parties sign a mouse pad contract—Mouse pad manufacturer produces according to customer needs—delivers a complete set of customized mouse pad production processes. Second, the specific steps of the mouse pad customization process: 1) The mouse pad purchaser, according to their actual needs, the mouse pad material, specification, quantity; consult the mouse pad manufacturer; the mouse pad manufacturer reports the price according to the detailed data provided by the mouse pad purchaser . 2) Mouse pad manufacturers, according to customer requirements, send samples for mouse pad purchasers, refer to the mouse pad materials, specifications, workmanship, printing and other processes produced by the mouse pad manufacturers. 3) The mouse pad purchaser determines the mouse pad material, specifications, printing effect, and quantity to be customized; at the same time, the mouse pad manufacturer is required to draft a mouse pad purchase contract. 4) Mouse pad purchaser and mouse pad manufacturer; both parties sign a mouse pad purchase contract, and seal and sign the contract to reach the final intention. 5) The mouse pad buyer pays a 30% deposit to the mouse pad manufacturer; the mouse pad manufacturer prepares raw materials and starts production. 6) The production cycle of the mouse pad is based on the quantity of the mouse pad purchaser. Generally, the mouse pad purchaser can be notified after 3 days, and the mouse pad is ready for shipment. 7) The mouse pad buyer provides detailed recipients, contact numbers, addresses, etc.; wait for the delivery company or freight logistics company to notify the delivery. 8) The mouse pad purchaser delivers 70% of the balance of the mouse pad to the express company or freight logistics company, and then the goods can be picked up. 3. Information required for the mouse pad customization process: The mouse pad customization process requires information: mouse pad printing design artwork, mouse pad material, mouse pad specifications, mouse pad printing method, mouse pad quantity, mouse pad packaging instructions, mouse pad contract Wait. 4. Matters needing attention in the mouse pad customization process: When the mouse pad purchaser places a purchase order to the mouse pad manufacturer: the mouse pad purchaser and the mouse pad manufacturer need to determine the specifications, material, printing effect, quantity, etc. of the mouse pad . And the mouse pad printing design draft is especially important. In order to avoid occurrence, the goods are not correct, or the color difference is too large, and the printing information is lacking.
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