Mouse Pad A manufacturer with ten years of experience in customizing mouse pads

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-18

The mouse pad will share with you what are the mouse pads used in daily life. They can be classified by material, price, type, and application scene. You can also choose to customize and customize your favorite patterns on the mouse pad, calendar, tasks, cartoon dolls, advertisements, etc. Wait.

The materials used in general mouse pads are: traditional cloth, PVC mouse pads, glass materials, rubber mouse pads, leather mouse pads, silicone pads, metal materials and coatings, and mouse pads that can emit light.

Cloth mouse pad: The production cost is low and the price is naturally cheaper, and the production method is relatively simple. It is basically enough to stick a piece of meticulous cloth to a rubber with good anti-slip effect.

Plastic mouse pad: It is much smoother than the cloth pad, so the general e-sports players will prefer to use this type of mouse pad. It has the characteristics of rapid movement and is easier to clean. If it gets dirty, just wipe it with water.

Leather mouse pad: This is a recommended product among mouse pads. It is not only resistant to dirt, but also easy to carry. The price is also relatively high cost-effective.

Metal mouse pad: There are actually fewer manufacturers of this type of mouse pad, because the audience is relatively small, and because the price of the metal mouse pad is relatively much higher than that of the ordinary mouse pad, it is generally purchased by enthusiast-level users. ,

Glass mouse pad: The appearance is more fashionable than other mouse pads, the performance is similar to the metal material, the smoothness is very good, the most obvious disadvantage is that it is easy to damage and not easy to carry.

Mouse pad is a manufacturer specializing in custom mouse pads. It supports drawings and samples, and can customize mouse pads of various materials and styles, including calendar table pads, rubber cloth table pads, rubber PVC photo frame mouse pads, office mouse pads, and protective mouse pads. Wrist mouse pad, luminous mouse pad, wireless charging mouse pad, silicone wrist pad, yoga mat, leather mouse pad, a manufacturer with ten years of experience in custom mouse pads.

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