Mega Lion's new S.U.R.F. RGB gaming mouse pad released

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-23

Mega Lion, a manufacturer of home game console peripherals, recently launched a brand new S.U.R.F. RGB gaming mouse pad. This mouse pad is currently on sale in China. The price does not seem to be very beautiful, and the price is 399 yuan.

Judging from the introduction of the released products, this mouse pad has new improvements in fabric and shape design, and can also provide lighting to increase user experience in terms of performance, comfort, and style.

In terms of materials: S.U.R.F.RGB adopts higher-precision fabrics and has the precision suitable for optical sensors, providing players with excellent control and vivid lighting effects.

The main characteristics of this fabric are excellent abrasion resistance, liquid and partial stain resistance, increased durability, and a soft touch.

Appearance: The S.U.R.F. RGB mat is surrounded by a vibrant two-zone RGB lighting strip, which can be customized with seven different lighting effects.

In order to perfectly match the game or live broadcast settings, S.U.R.F. RGB also provides you with gaming performance.

It is a manufacturer of customized mouse pads, which supports customization according to drawings. Materials, styles, and sizes can be customized according to requirements. The cycle time from ordering to delivery is short and can be shipped quickly.

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