Gaming mouse pad customization

by:Tigerwings     2021-09-19
E-sports mouse pad material: environmentally friendly natural rubber + good performance cloth 1. The cloth surface uses high-density Jiaji cloth as the surface to make the surface more delicate and smooth. 2. The bottom surface is designed with international standard 3L natural rubber with eight or eight anti-skid patterns, which can be placed on any It will not slide easily on the desktop. Size: 800*300*3mm Process: Monochrome screen printing, color thermal transfer. Features: 1. The bottom is made of pure natural rubber, and there will be no traces when folded forcefully. The absorption pattern is clear and flexible. Strong 2. Use high-elasticity special wire to lock the edges and smooth, high density and no longer have to worry about the edge after long-term use 3. The fine cloth surface moves smoothly. The real heat transfer technology is the same as the place without the pattern without fading. Advantages: 1. Do whatever you want, unimpeded, high-density weaving technology creates a fairly smooth surface, and makes it have a comfortable feel in the quarter, effectively reducing the hand fatigue caused by playing games for a long time 2. Smooth feel, The precise texture of the surface of the toilet can provide just the right amount of friction when the mouse moves. Let you experience the pixel-level positioning and tracking again. 3. Fashion appearance design, high-end atmosphere, cool and fashionable appearance, colorful seaming design, let you play a greater potential in the game. 4. Super-large size, you can choose the one that suits you regardless of whether your desktop is in a tight space or is 'endless'. 5. Focus on details, highlight the quality, use high-compact chemical fiber material edging to ensure that the mouse pad will never crack. 6. The material is thick and fits the amount of overweight rubber on the desktop. The material is sufficient, it can be used for a long time, and it can be used firmly and firmly.
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