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by:Tigerwings     2022-11-26

Games are fun but time-consuming. Game lovers generally believe that they must have a good gaming mouse pad to fully enjoy the game, but how to choose this gaming mouse pad is a lot of knowledge.

Select the mouse pad, the first is to select the material, choose the material according to your needs. Then there is the size, and different usage scenarios have different requirements for the size. Common game mouse pad products are mainly divided into four materials: traditional cloth, special cloth, synthetic resin material, wood and so on.

According to the material, the mouse pad is divided into soft pads and hard pads. Soft pads are mainly rubber materials, which are durable and washable, and do not hurt the mouse feet. Currently, the most common in the market. Hard pads: mainly pvc, leather and wood pads, because the hard pads will seriously wear the mouse feet, and the mouse should be replaced every month. The disadvantage is that the damage to the mouse greatly reduces the service life.

In the mouse pad industry for 13 years, there are more than 2,000 popular styles available in stock, engaged in mouse pad customization, game mouse pad OEM, gift mouse pad and advertising mouse pad, and can also provide free custom service design to meet customers from proofing to production. various needs. Your most reliable partner, welcome to visit.

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