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by:Tigerwings     2022-11-25

Entry-level representatives, cost-effective models, professional models, competitive versions and classic series mouse pads, game enthusiasts are not only important for the basic computer configuration, but also game peripherals, and edge accessories cannot be ignored, such as inconspicuous but heavy With a suitable mouse pad, you can enjoy silky smoothness in the game. The following editor has sorted out several mouse pads that are currently highly popular.

1. Entry-level models: Razer | Heavy Armored Bug Mouse Pad

There are two versions of the Heavy Armored Bug, the speed version and the control version. From the feedback from users, it seems that the smoothness of the control version is higher than that of the speed version. After the latest iteration, Razer released a mobile version, which is a compromise, with a more balanced sense of control and smoothness.

2. Cost-effective models: SteelSeries | QCK+ series mouse pads

QCK+ series This mouse pad is available in three sizes. Its appearance rate in the professional arena is second only to the QCK heavy series. It has a good experience in the sense of control. In the entire QCK series, QCK+ is the most balanced mouse pad in all aspects. , and is out of the circle because of its high cost performance.

3. Professional model: Zhuowei | G-SR mouse pad

Since its establishment, Zhuowei has focused on FPS game peripherals. It is professional because of its focus. In the FPS professional arena, Zoe G-SR is the mouse pad with the highest appearance rate.

According to the statistics of on-winning, 22% of the more than 170 top CSGO professional players currently use the mouse pad of Zoe G-SR. Because this mouse pad has a strong sense of damping, this meets the requirements of FPS players for control feel and control accuracy. The large size also gives FPS players enough distance to pull the gun

4. Competitive Edition: Razer | Giant Beetle Mouse Pad

Playing FPS games, low DPI and wrist streaming are common mouse usages. In response to this approach, Razer has launched this giant beetle, players with wrist flow can get sufficient operating space on the mouse pad.

5. Classic models: SteelSeries | QCK Heavy series

The main three different models, Medium, Large, and XXL, also correspond to the needs of different audiences. They use new high-density fiber materials and undergo special processing to optimize the sensing accuracy of optical and laser sensors and improve the feel.

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