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by:Tigerwings     2022-11-24

Life is a game. In reality, some people are puzzled by online computer games. For game lovers, the superior performance of the computer and the easy-to-use mouse pad can enhance the joy of operation in the game and allow them to enjoy it better. games for better performance. So which gaming mouse pad do you recommend?

Here are a few more common brands: Razer mouse pad, SteelSeries mouse pad, Cherry Gaming mouse pad, Logitech gaming mouse pad, Rayto oversized mouse pad, etc. However, we only consider the following four points when choosing a gaming mouse pad:

1. Game mouse pad material If the player uses a mechanical mouse, you can choose a rubber or cloth mouse pad. The surface texture has high friction and is easy to move and position the mouse; High level positioning accuracy.

2. Game mouse pad texture The texture of the mouse pad affects the positioning accuracy of the mouse. For example, the texture design of some mouse pads is not correct, and it is difficult for the mouse to move on it. maigoo Xiaobian recommends that you try not to choose a mouse pad with too thick texture to prevent Operation is not smooth and smooth.

3. Game mouse pad size The size of the mouse pad varies from big to small. If a girl has small hands, a small size mouse pad is fine. For male gamers, a large mouse pad is more comfortable to use. It is recommended to choose a thick mouse pad for gaming. Well, it will be more convenient to use.

4. Game mouse pads are soft and hard. Usually hard mouse pads are more suitable for playing games, such as resin and aluminum pads with high smoothness, suitable for high-speed roaming of the mouse; but soft mouse pads are also fine, such as e-sports chaotic cloth mouse pads. The game is also good, it is not easy to damage the mouse foot and the operation is very smooth.

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