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by:Tigerwings     2021-09-17
Hebei Province, more worry-free, high-precision full-color printing, free design, full service, many styles, Taobao Tmall Pinduoduo OEM source manufacturer, this is the purpose of our company's website advertising mouse pad and advertising advantage: advertising mouse pad It is an advertising product that prints the company's LOGO, product or service, address, contact information and other information on the mouse pad, and presents it to customers to let them understand the company's products and services through pictures and texts, which can magnify the effect of advertising.
It is equivalent to: 1. A long-lasting advertisement, with low cost and strong practicability. 2. A forgotten business card, instead of traditional business cards, to have zero-distance contact with customers. 3. A well-known advertising list with high availability and low rejection rate. 4. A long-term and highly targeted advertising list is better than coloring pages, and coloring pages are just too much. Product characteristics: Material: natural foam rubber + good performance cloth \ EVA + paper + PVC, odorless;

Features: soft and comfortable, with non-slip lines on the bottom; unique advantages: adopting Taiwan’s advanced thermal bonding technology without crimping the edges; testing: certified by the national SGS eight heavy metal content testing and certification, reaching the European ROHS standard;

Printing method: silk screen, thermal transfer advertising mouse pad. Advantages: 1. It has passed the national SGS eight heavy metal content test and certification, and meets the European ROHS standard; the natural rubber foam is soft, odorless, non-slip lines on the bottom, anti-slip and shock-proof, Adopting Taiwan's advanced thermal bonding technology, it is the material for the production of computer mouse pads, game mats, table mats, floor mats, beer mats, bar mats, rubber foam yoga mats and other related products. 2. Material production thickness: rubber foam: lamination fabric can produce 1.0m/m~20.0m/m; light body rubber (that is, not lamination fabric) can produce 2.0MM~20.0MM; material production width: 55cm~130cm; rubber roll material (non-foaming): thickness can be: 0.5-8mm, width: 90-200cm, 65-70 degrees, density: 1.55-1.75/mm/m²3, the material surface can be based on According to customer needs, it can fit various fabrics of various colors or PP/PVC; 4, the commonly used fabrics are white and black, the sublimation heat transfer pattern of white fabric is gorgeous and lifelike, the black fabric silk screen company advertisement is simple and elegant; 5. This material is mainly used for production Computer mouse pads, online game pads, bar mats, beer pads, anti-slip pads, shock-proof pads and other mat products; can be customized according to customer requirements, with low prices and significant promotional effects. It is an ideal choice for corporate promotions! 6. Main service objects: mouse pad factory, bar mat factory, gift factory, non-slip mat factory, shoe mat factory, business gifts, advertising promotion, holiday celebration advertising advertising, etc. Main product services: mouse pad advertising mouse pad natural Rubber mouse padAdvertising mouse pad
need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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need fuel for energy,while oem mats do not.
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