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by:Tigerwings     2022-12-02

How about the customized price of creative mouse pads? What are the points that need attention? How to choose a suitable mouse pad custom manufacturer? We can start with the material, style and price of the mouse pad. There are also differences in the price of different materials and styles, including Some advertising mouse pads, calendar mouse pads and so on.

The first is the material of the mouse pad:

At present, cloth and rubber materials are more common in the market, followed by leather, PU, ​​silicone, EVA, glass, aluminum and so on.

Mouse pad style:

Wrist pads, yoga mats, wireless mouse pads, floor mats, advertising mouse pads, gaming mouse pads, calendar mouse pads, etc. can be customized according to the size, shape, thickness, etc.

In terms of price:

Cloth mouse pads are relatively cheap, less elastic, and you can choose a larger area, for example, you can spread them on the desktop.

The price of the leather mouse pad is relatively medium. The leather is easy to clean, wear-resistant, has a long service life, and is easy to carry.

The relatively expensive one is the aluminum mouse pad, which has a higher-end appearance and better texture.

Advantages and disadvantages of cloth mouse pads: Advantages: cheap price, wear-resistant, soft, long service life, no noise when dragging the computer mouse. The disadvantage is that it is bulky, troublesome to clean, and worthless.

Cloth For game lovers, it may be more convenient to use a larger mouse pad. As an advertising mouse pad for one of many advertising channels, it has the most obvious advantages of high cost performance, good communication effect, and high repeatability.

The above mouse pads are actually creative mouse pads, which can be customized by the mouse pad manufacturers, on demand, or according to drawings. Mouse pads are also priced according to different prices.

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